MM466 is a quality dynamic microphone for professional use. It's hypercardioid characteristics offers the good back and side suppression, needed to avoid feedback or room noise over a wide frequency range. MM466 can be easily used in high magnetic and electric field areas, as it has built-in hum compensation and double screen protection.

Frequency response:
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Type dynamic
Frequency response 100-20 000 Hz
Directivity hypercardioid
Sensitivity (free field, no load) 1.4 mV/Pa
Electrical impedance 450 Ohm
Magnetic field sensitivity < 5µV / 5µT
Length 320 mm
Cable length (MM446A, MM446B) 150 mm unterminated (custom length on request)
Head diameter 30 mm
Flexible shaft diameter 8.5 mm
Connector (MM446A-XLR, MM446B-XLR) 3-pin male XLR
Mounting screw (MM446A, MM446B) 10 mm diam. (base 3 mm max.)
Nett weight 145 g
Colour matt black, silver
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Polar pattern:
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Ordering information:
  • M466A - microphone with entirely flexible gooseneck, screw mounted
  • MM466B - microphone with split type gooseneck, screw mounted
  • MM466A-XLR, MM466B-XLR - microphone with XLR connector
As a special order, all types can be made in different lengths - up to 600 mm