About our company

MIDEM was founded in 1985 as a company which develops and produces MICROPHONES. Our first product was MM115, a dynamic gooseneck cardioid microphone, widely used in our region. At that time we also produced electret gooseneck microphones and even wireless microphones.

After 1992, our electret conference microphone MM335 became widely used all over the world. The research and development continues.

Our dynamic MM446 is the result of a constant research and implication of several new technologies.

In year 2002, we developed two new models with illuminant ring : MM345 and MM365. Both can be made also in TWO-COLOR version ( MM345RG and MM365RG ).

Our next models were MM358 MM358 and MM359 , phantom powered microphones and MM466, a new version of the dynamic MM446.

We also developed some models to fulfill customers specific needs like MM361, MM337, ML-011, conference earshells MH-031.

Our latest product is MM346, an exeland conference microphone, incorporating everything that is needed and designed to work interference-free in modern electromagneticly poluted envirements.

MIDEM is a flexible company. All our products can be modified to your needs, such as the lenght of gooseneck and cable-ends, mounting systems etc. Precision manufacturing , acurate testing, quick delivery for competitive prices.

Please, don't hesitate to E-mail any of your questions.